One to One Astrophotography Workshops

One to One Astrophotography Workshops

This workshop will show you how to use your normal DSLR and standard lenses to capture the night sky. The photos typically include elements of our planet rather than zooming in to planets and nebulas. This type of photography is also known as wide-field astrophotography.


Typically, we will meet before sunset and if time allows, we will photograph sunset. We then have approximately 2 hours until it gets pitch black so we can photograph the 'blue hour' - the period when you start to see some stars but there is still colour in the sky and the foreground is lighter. Once dark enough, we then try the techniques shown in the presentation.


You don't need any filters at all, just a sturdy tripod, a cable or infrared remote release (self timer can be used) and a DSLR that can go to ISO3200 or higher. Lens wise, the wider the angle the better and if it can go down to f2.8 that is good, but f4 is perfectly useable too. It can get cold standing around at night so warm clothing is essential as is a torch.


You can book a workshop as a gift for someone on the Gift Certificate page.


If you have any questions or are unsure if your camera is suitable then please do contact Dan.



Astrophotography Workshop Astrophotography Workshop Astrophotography Workshop Astrophotography Workshop