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Upper Neuadd Reservoir

Corn Du and Pen y Fan from Upper Neuadd Reservoir

In mid-January, I decided to visit Upper Neuadd Reservoir for the first time in years. It was also my first proper photography outing of 2013 as redecorating my daughter’s room had taken precedence. When I arrived, I couldn’t believe my luck as the conditions were amazing! I made my way to the water’s edge and got my camera out. I tried to get in a position where the peaks were reflected in the water whilst ……

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Pen y Fan Massif

With the forecast saying valley mist, I decided to walk to the ridge by Corn Du for sunrise. I started walking from the Storey Arms at 6:30am and arrived on the ridge at 7:30am. Sunrise itself wasn’t anything special, but I stayed on the ridge for 2.5 hours to see how the weather would pan out. During that time, a hundred or so army personnel were walking to Pen y Fan, presumably doing the dreaded ……

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Alive in the Brecons

It’s below zero and is windy; the sun has set and it’s getting dark; it’s an hour’s walk to the car; I’m at 720m asl in the Brecon Beacons; I’m wearing thermals, base layer, 2 micro fleeces, fleece coat and waterproof/windproof coat to keep warm; it starts snowing. That sort of thing can make you feel really alive, in touch with the landscape around you and is exactly where I was lucky enough to be ……

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Bye Bye Backlog

For years, well since 2002, I’ve accumulated a backlog of photos that I hadn’t yet processed. Thanks to being incredibly tired due to two young children, I’ve been hacking my way through this backlog of photos, sometimes from 5:30am each morning and have finally conquered it! I have no photos that I haven’t processed! I have copied the 100Gb onto my backup system now and just need to put them into my Digital Asset Management ……

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A New Year Dawns

I was very good on New Years Eve and went to bed at 9pm as I wanted to go up to the Pen y Fan area for sunrise. Everything went as planned and I started walking up the Storey Arms path at 6am. With the help of crampons, I got to the ridge below Corn Du in time for sunrise. It was pretty cold though and frost formed on me as I walked. Rather surprisingly, ……

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