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Three Cliffs Bay, Tor Bay and Oxwich Bay

Following the success of the 100x40cm panoramas I introduced in the December exhibition, I went out yesterday in the first break in the weather for a few days with the aim of capturing some new panoramas. I spent 2 hours walking around Penmaen Burrows and Three Cliffs Bay whilst taking various new photos. Here are a couple of new ones – you can click on them to access the buying options but please note that ……

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New Gower Mono Collection

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while and when Willow was sick last week I couldn’t go out so had time to make a small collection of black and white photos of Gower. I’m taking them to Inspirations in Swansea today where they will be on sale. The photo below doesn’t really do them justice – they look stunning, even though I say so myself.

Gower Mono Collection

The photos are of Arthur’s Stone, ……

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Pobbles Beach and Around

Yesterday afternoon, I drove to Southgate to walk to Pobbles Beach for sunset. The BBC cloud cover forecast said there would be no cloud at all, so it was no surprise that there was a little too much cloud for a decent sunset. I did take a few photos though.

Oxwich Bay

Pobbles Beach

Pobbles ……

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Three Cliffs Bay

On Saturday Paula, Willow and I walked to Three Cliffs Bay from Parkmill; the first time we’ve done that walk! The weather was warm and sunny, pretty good for this time of year. I managed to take a few photos between drawing in the sand with Willow and throwing stones in the water.

Pennard Castle (Canon 5D Mark II)

Three Cliffs Bay (Canon 5D Mark ……

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A New Three Cliffs Bay View

On Saturday morning, I went out to Three Cliffs Bay for sunrise intending to shoot it from the sea side rather than land. As it turned out, it wasn’t any good so I walked around Pobbles Bay and up onto the cliffs. There wasn’t any cloud and the sunrise wasn’t great so I’ve tried this unusual view as black and white. I’m trying to improve my black and white, so here you go:

Three Cliffs ……

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Three Cliffs Bay

Since I redesigned my website and applied some Search Engine Optimisation, the number of hits has increased and so has my online sales, which is very good! I had a very nice letter in response to the latest order where the buyer told me how pleased he was with his purchases. It’s always nice when people take time out to tell you they are happier with what you’ve done.


This morning was a very early start ……

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A Story of Working on Snowy Gower

A few weeks ago snow was forecast, so I got up at 5am, cleared 4 inches of snow from the car and left the house at 5:45am. My plan was to reach the other side of Swansea before rush hour kicked off and everyone panicked about the snow. I only slid once – down a steep hill on ice, but managed to slow to 5mph before coming out of the juction without being able to ……

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