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An Early Start at Langland Bay

Langland Bay

I set the alarm for 4:30am this morning and headed down to Langland Bay for sunrise. It was pretty cloudy and I didn’t hold much hope out, but about 20 mins after sunrise (I didn’t see the sun) the sky lit up and a few minutes. I took several shots trying to get the wave just right, a sort of hit and miss affair.

Langland ……

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More From Craig Cerrig-gleisiad

Glyn Tarell, Pen y Fan and Corn Du from Craig Cerrig-gleisiad

I have had a chance to process a couple more photos from my very early trip to Craig Cerrig-gleisiad in the Brecon Beacons this week. Whilst I was waiting for the sun to rise above the cloud bank, I was trying a 10-stop long exposure photo – I was about to do another when suddenly the sun appeared. I quickly put the 10 stop filter to one side (carefully, because it’s made of glass!) and ……

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A New Alarm-Call Record For Sunrise

Glyn Tarell from Craig Cerrig-gleisiad

The earliest I have got up for sunrise was 3:30am, but this morning’s sunrise expedition needed an alarm call of 2:45am, setting a new record!!! I had been out to Craig Cerrig-gleisiad with my father on my birthday on Friday to check out some potential panorama spots. The weather had been very hazy and not conducive for landscape photography, but I found a good spot. A quick check on the Photographer’s Ephemeris showed that the ……

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Brandy Cove Sunrise

Brandy Cove, Gower

It is pouring with rain this morning and I have a rather large backlog of photos I haven’t processed. I was scrolling through and a morning trip to capture Brandy Cove at sunrise caught my eye. In particular, it was this photo that I thought it was worth spending some time on. When I took the photo, I was perched on a rock and waiting for waves to come in so I could capture the ……

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Pobbles Beach in the Snow

Pobbles Beach

This is a follow on to a previous blog post about my trip in the snow to Pobbles Beach and Three Cliffs Bay. I have spent some time processing another photo from that trip which I took whilst standing on the viewpoint overlooking the three cliffs. As mentioned previously, the view to Oxwich Bay was hazy and not particularly great. However, looking the other way across Pobbles Beach, the view was a lot better and ……

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Gower Snow 2013

Overlooking Pobbles Beach

It has been a while since I posted a blog entry and the main reason is that I’ve been working on a site redesign, making it simpler and quicker. That is the site you’re viewing now! I did manage to get out in the snow and spent some time on the cliffs at Pennard and on Three Cliffs Bay.

I arrived at Southgate car park at 6am and promptly got stuck in the snow by driving ……

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Sunrise at Brandy Cove

Brandy Cove

It has been a long time since I’ve been out for proper photography, but this morning I headed out to Caswell Bay to meet up with Mark who I met on Facebook and Flickr. We’ve met before at my exhibitions but this was the first time out taking photos. Landscape Photography is a lonely business, often working alone, so it’s always nice to meet up with people. From Caswell, we walked the coast path to ……

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