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Snowy Pontardawe

The exhibition went quite well, but Sunday wasn’t great as only about 8 people came in – Friday and Saturday were fairly busy though. I’ve now sold out of the Brecon Beacons calendars! There are still a few Saltash ones and Gower ones left though.


It snowed last night so I went out at 5am to photograph the Christmas lights in the snow. I quite like driving in the snow as it requires skill that isn’t ……

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A Couple of Pontardawe Photos

It’s the Brecon Craft Fair this Saturday (21st November) which I am looking forward to as I haven’t been there since August! I’m hoping to have my new size frame to show off if they arrive in time. I will have a new set of greetings cards to sell in both large and small. I’ve finally moved into my new office and am awaiting my new desk; then I can finally clear out of the ……

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New Outlet, New Cards, New Printer, Good Brecon Craft Fair

The weather has been terrible so I haven’t been out and about since early last week, although when I’ve got stuff I have to do indoors I’m always grateful for bad weather as I don’t feel so bad about not going out. The Brecon Craft Fair was on Saturday and I pulled out all the stops and have done all I can to improve my display. I had 14 framed photos on display in my ……

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Near Our House and Willow

I was doing the dishes when it went quiet and as every parent will tell you, that’s when you go and see what’s happening. It turns out Willow decided it was a good idea to park herself in a Tupperware container! With my camera phone to hand, I took a quick pic before she tried to get the phone (she loves my phone)

Willow in a Tupperware container (Sony Ericsson K800i)

I’ve cleared my 2009 backlog ……

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