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A Very Early Morning at Penmaen Burrows and Three Cliffs Bay

A couple of weeks ago, I set the alarm for 3:30am! It may sound early but, as it happened, I was awake from 3am thanks to someone’s dog barking incessantly for half an hour… I left the house just before 4am and drove through the very quiet streets of Pontardawe and Swansea to Penmaen, where I parked and walked out onto the cliffs. I’d had a One to One workshop the previous Friday and had ……

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Three Cliffs Bay from Pennard

One evening last week, I met up with Emma Jones (who joins me at my exhibitions) at Southgate. When we arrived, it was raining heavily but the sun was out and lighting up the landscape beautifully. The rain stopped and the sun went in for the rest of the evening, but we headed out anyway. Despite the unfavourable weather conditions, I’m still pleased with what I photographed:

Pobbles Beach and Three Cliffs Bay

We then climbed ……

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