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A Very Early Morning at Penmaen Burrows and Three Cliffs Bay

A couple of weeks ago, I set the alarm for 3:30am! It may sound early but, as it happened, I was awake from 3am thanks to someone’s dog barking incessantly for half an hour… I left the house just before 4am and drove through the very quiet streets of Pontardawe and Swansea to Penmaen, where I parked and walked out onto the cliffs. I’d had a One to One workshop the previous Friday and had ……

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Three Cliffs Bay

On Saturday Paula, Willow and I walked to Three Cliffs Bay from Parkmill; the first time we’ve done that walk! The weather was warm and sunny, pretty good for this time of year. I managed to take a few photos between drawing in the sand with Willow and throwing stones in the water.

Pennard Castle (Canon 5D Mark II)

Three Cliffs Bay (Canon 5D Mark ……

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A Story of Working on Snowy Gower

A few weeks ago snow was forecast, so I got up at 5am, cleared 4 inches of snow from the car and left the house at 5:45am. My plan was to reach the other side of Swansea before rush hour kicked off and everyone panicked about the snow. I only slid once – down a steep hill on ice, but managed to slow to 5mph before coming out of the juction without being able to ……

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