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The Milky Way over the Brecon Beacons

Brecon, Pen y Fan, Corn Du and Fan Fawr with the Milky Way from Craig Cerrig-gleisiad

At our location in Wales, it is only during the summer months that we can see the colourful part of the cloud of the Milky Way (although to see it properly you have to be further south). On Monday, it rained heavily all day but the forecast kept saying that the skies would clear for sunset and keep clear for a lot of the night. With faith in the forecast, I got everything ready. Sure ……

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Fan Brycheiniog with the PANSTARRS Comet, Andromeda Galaxy, Cepheus, Cassiopeia and Vega

Fan Brycheiniog with the PANSTARRS Comet, Andromeda Galaxy, Cepheus, Cassiopeia and Vega

The latter part of this winter has been brilliant (winter is my favourite season) and, whilst I was disappointed by the first snow in January when it was overcast and misty, the March snow has stuck around with a lovely high pressure meaning clear skies. Thanks to all this, I was able to make this exposure.

Fan Brycheiniog with the Milky Way, PANSTARRS Comet, Andromeda Galaxy, Cepheus, Cassiopeia and Vega

I decided that I would go ……

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Orion Constellation, The Moon and Tor Bay

Orion, the Moon, Tor Bay and Oxwich Bay

This is a follow on from the previous blog post when I went out to shoot stars on Gower. I had left Emma and headed down to Penmaen Burrows on my own – I was pleased to see there weren’t any more cars in the car park, so it meant I had the place to myself. I went to the viewpoint of Tor Bay that I use on my Workshops and set up behind a ……

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Rhossili Bay Stars at Night

Rhossili Bay, The Helvetia Wreck, The Milky Way and The Plough

Last night I headed to Rhossili Bay to photograph stars. I’ve shot star trails there before, but this time I wanted to capture the stars as pin pricks. I had checked everything but had forgotten to look at the moon forecast so was a little disappointed when I saw there was a half-moon high in the sky, but the weather has been so bad recently that I decided to go anyway. I met up with ……

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Astrophotography with TriggerTrap

35 minutes of night using TriggerTrap

Very rarely does advertising catch my attention, but I was browsing Facebook and an advert for TriggerTrap caught my eye – it promised to allow me to control my camera from my smart phone. I had a look and I was so impressed, my “dongle” arrived the next day!

Trigger Trap connected to my phone and camera

Typically, the weather forecast was wrong this morning and I was surprised to see the stars out – eager ……

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Night Time Photography

It’s been a year and a bit since I last shot some star trails, so I decided to try some more. This time I bought myself a third party timer – I plug it into the camera and tell it I was to take 60 photos that are each 5 minutes long with an interval of 1 second between and let it do its stuff. I then stack the images on the PC using some ……

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More Snow!

Well, we had heavy snow again overnight, but this is supposed to be the end of it with a thaw quickly following. It’s a pity as I’m loving this snow and cold weather – it’s how winter should be! Below is a photo I took in the Brecon Beacons on commission for Photography Monthly. It’s the A470 on the way to Brecon from Storey Arms.

Traffic Trails in the Brecon Beacons (Canon EOS 5D Mark ……

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