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Mumbles in the Snow

Over the last couple of days we’ve had over 7 inches (18cm) of snow fall! The road we live on, at the top of a hill, never gets gritted so I took a gamble and braved the roads this morning. Some of the roads were pretty slippery with the car twitching as I drove along but I made it to Mumbles safely. There was a bitter wind blowing and it was pretty cold so I ……

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Mumbles Pier and Lighthouse

Last Tuesday morning, I set the alarm for 4am. That’s the trouble with summer – the sun rises so early! 5:09am so the BBC Weather site told me. Add in time to get dressed and have something quick to eat, then drive there, walk to the location, set up and finally be ready to take the photo. I was only standing around for about 10 minutes before the sun rose. And sometimes the sky before ……

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