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New Perspex Prints

I received my first perspex print during the week and it looks amazing! Mounted on the wall, it sits pround and the light flows into the perspex from all four sides which makes the photo stand out and look absolutely stunning! I haven’t worked out the pricing structure yet, but will do shortly and will add it to the buying page. Here are a couple of photos of it. Incidentally, the close-up of the corner ……

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Focus on Imaging 2009

Yesterday I drove to the NEC in Birmingham for the Focus on Imaging show, all about cameras and associated things like printing, etc. I had a very nice demonstration by Longridge mount cutting people (FrameCo who I currently use have pulled out of the UK) and I am looking to perhaps buy one of their cutters as it will reduce my mount cutting time by 75% at least! I have a lot of mount cutting ……

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