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A Short Walk in Pontardawe

Yesterday, we went for a short walk from the house so I could get the final photo for the Pontardawe 2011 calendar. Even though it was a short walk, it really released the endorphins. It’s a pity we couldn’t do the full walk into town as it was such a nice day, but it was getting towards lunch time.


This is an unusual church in that there appears to be no parish for it – it’s ……

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Near Our House and Willow

I was doing the dishes when it went quiet and as every parent will tell you, that’s when you go and see what’s happening. It turns out Willow decided it was a good idea to park herself in a Tupperware container! With my camera phone to hand, I took a quick pic before she tried to get the phone (she loves my phone)

Willow in a Tupperware container (Sony Ericsson K800i)

I’ve cleared my 2009 backlog ……

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