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Rhossili Bay Stars at Night

Rhossili Bay, The Helvetia Wreck, The Milky Way and The Plough

Last night I headed to Rhossili Bay to photograph stars. I’ve shot star trails there before, but this time I wanted to capture the stars as pin pricks. I had checked everything but had forgotten to look at the moon forecast so was a little disappointed when I saw there was a half-moon high in the sky, but the weather has been so bad recently that I decided to go anyway. I met up with ……

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Rhossili Bay and Helvetia Wreck

After a lot of rain, the weather finally improved so I drove to Rhossili yesterday afternoon with the aim of adding to my new collection of panoramas that are wider than the eye can see. I’ve got 3 or 4 new ones, but have only processed one so far. They take quite a bit of processing power – this photo is comprised of fourteen 21 megapixel images! The final image is 1.4 metres at 300dpi ……

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