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Caswell Bay and Langland Bay at night

Caswell Bay with Polaris, Cassiopeia and Cepheus

Yesterday, the alarm went off at 4am. I dragged myself from the warm bed and drove out to Gower with the purpose of photographing Langland Bay and Caswell Bay at night. At Langland, I walked down to the beach and tried a photo looking back to the huts, but it was too bright with light pollution. I tried a few more photos (which I’ve only briefly looked at) but decided I would have better luck ……

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Orion Constellation, The Moon and Tor Bay

Orion, the Moon, Tor Bay and Oxwich Bay

This is a follow on from the previous blog post when I went out to shoot stars on Gower. I had left Emma and headed down to Penmaen Burrows on my own – I was pleased to see there weren’t any more cars in the car park, so it meant I had the place to myself. I went to the viewpoint of Tor Bay that I use on my Workshops and set up behind a ……

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Rhossili Bay Stars at Night

Rhossili Bay, The Helvetia Wreck, The Milky Way and The Plough

Last night I headed to Rhossili Bay to photograph stars. I’ve shot star trails there before, but this time I wanted to capture the stars as pin pricks. I had checked everything but had forgotten to look at the moon forecast so was a little disappointed when I saw there was a half-moon high in the sky, but the weather has been so bad recently that I decided to go anyway. I met up with ……

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Brandy Cove Sunrise

Brandy Cove, Gower

It is pouring with rain this morning and I have a rather large backlog of photos I haven’t processed. I was scrolling through and a morning trip to capture Brandy Cove at sunrise caught my eye. In particular, it was this photo that I thought it was worth spending some time on. When I took the photo, I was perched on a rock and waiting for waves to come in so I could capture the ……

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An Epic Rhossili Sunset

Worms Head, Rhossili Bay

A couple of weeks ago I led a Landscape Photography Workshop at Rhossili. The forecast was interesting and we did have a very long rain shower, but there was sun and we were blessed with wonderful lighting conditions! For sunset, we decided to climb Rhossili Down and photograph the bay from above. The clouds were absolutely amazing – some of the best I’ve ever seen! This, for me, has to be my photo of the ……

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Sunrise at Brandy Cove

Brandy Cove

It has been a long time since I’ve been out for proper photography, but this morning I headed out to Caswell Bay to meet up with Mark who I met on Facebook and Flickr. We’ve met before at my exhibitions but this was the first time out taking photos. Landscape Photography is a lonely business, often working alone, so it’s always nice to meet up with people. From Caswell, we walked the coast path to ……

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Oxwich Bay

A few weeks ago, I took a trip out to Penmaen Burrows to overlook Oxwich Bay for sunset with Emma. Before leaving, I inspected the area using the Google satellite images and spotted a likely looking location to photograph Oxwich Bay from. When we got there, it wasn’t obvious where that spot was but there was what looked like an animal track leading out to the cliff edge. Curious, I walked along it and was ……

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