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It’s been a while since my last post and, to tell the truth, not a lot has happened. I’m moving my office out of the spare bedroom to make space for the new baby when he/she arrives so have been manically decorating my new office. It’s been a mammoth task as it involved having a conservatory built to become the dining room and lounge and then partitioning the lounge diner into a lounge/TV room and ……

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Framed Prints Now Available

I’ve just added the option to buy framed prints to the buy section of this site. Look in Mounted and Framed Prints and in each drop-down list you can choose four mounted print sizes and two framed print sizes.


The Brecon Craft Fair was pretty good on Saturday, although quieter than last month. I’m currently working on a web design contract but shall be finished soon and taking some new photos. Since I redesigned this site, ……

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New Frames

My new frames are now in stock as I mentioned before. Here is a photo of one of them:

30x40cm Frame

I have three sizes: 30x40cm, 40x50cm and 23x50cm. The option to buy photos with a frame isn’t yet online so please drop me an email if you need a frame with your ……

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Easter in Cornwall

The Brecon Craft Fair was enjoyable and slightly better than this time last year, but still not great. My new display went down very well and a lot of people seemed to look at my photos, a lot more than normal. There are some more improvements to come…


My new frames arrived just in time for the craft fair and they are absolutely fantastic! I will get a photo of them here and add an option ……

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Brecon Craft Fair this Saturday

I’m getting prepared for the Brecon Craft Fair this coming Saturday. My new display is almost done and it looks fantastic! I’m selling off my old frames cheap to clear them ready for the new ones to arrive next week, so if you want a cheap frame do pop along.


Willow is still suffering from her virus in the form of an ear infection and conjunctivitis. She’s on a second load of eye drops, so hopefully ……

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Still ill with lots to do

Nine days on and I am still fighting this virus! Thank you Willow for that lovely present! As a result I haven’t been able to do any work and am behind on making stock for the Brecon Craft Fair. The craft fair display is progressing well and will look fantastic. I’m also looking for a new type of picture frame for my photos and the sample should arrive today. I will be selling off the ……

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