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It’s been a while since my last post and, to tell the truth, not a lot has happened. I’m moving my office out of the spare bedroom to make space for the new baby when he/she arrives so have been manically decorating my new office. It’s been a mammoth task as it involved having a conservatory built to become the dining room and lounge and then partitioning the lounge diner into a lounge/TV room and ……

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New Outlet, New Cards, New Printer, Good Brecon Craft Fair

The weather has been terrible so I haven’t been out and about since early last week, although when I’ve got stuff I have to do indoors I’m always grateful for bad weather as I don’t feel so bad about not going out. The Brecon Craft Fair was on Saturday and I pulled out all the stops and have done all I can to improve my display. I had 14 framed photos on display in my ……

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