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Destruction of a Public Footpath in Pontardawe

In Pontardawe in Swansea Valley, there is a lovely riverside walk through Cwm Du Glen alongside the Upper Clydach River. At least, there was until a developer dumped several tonnes of earth and debris onto the footpath rather than clear it away from the site they were working on. The council have been informed and the last we heard were looking into it.

The unsecured logs go on top of the debris dumped, and it ……

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Upper Clydach River in Pontardawe

Cwm Du Glen where the Upper Clydach River has carved a gorge is just minutes from our house. We’ve lived there for 4.5 years and I’ve only just gotten around to photographing these falls and bridge! I would normally have waded into the river to take photos, but the rocks were incredibly slippery and the water a little too fast…

Cwm Du Glen, Upper Clydach River, Pontardawe, Swansea Valley, Wales

Cwm Du Glen, Upper Clydach ……

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