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Capturing the Zenith in the Brecon Beacons

During my recent outing in the Brecon Beacons at night, I had three places to shoot from in mind on Craig Cerrig-gleisiad. The final one was at the lake or pond on the saddle of Craig Cerrig-gleisiad. It was 1:30am when I reached it but clouds were quickly coming in. I set up the camera and ran a couple of test shots to check composition and exposure. Once they were correct, with the camera in ……

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The Milky Way over the Brecon Beacons

Brecon, Pen y Fan, Corn Du and Fan Fawr with the Milky Way from Craig Cerrig-gleisiad

At our location in Wales, it is only during the summer months that we can see the colourful part of the cloud of the Milky Way (although to see it properly you have to be further south). On Monday, it rained heavily all day but the forecast kept saying that the skies would clear for sunset and keep clear for a lot of the night. With faith in the forecast, I got everything ready. Sure ……

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More From Craig Cerrig-gleisiad

Glyn Tarell, Pen y Fan and Corn Du from Craig Cerrig-gleisiad

I have had a chance to process a couple more photos from my very early trip to Craig Cerrig-gleisiad in the Brecon Beacons this week. Whilst I was waiting for the sun to rise above the cloud bank, I was trying a 10-stop long exposure photo – I was about to do another when suddenly the sun appeared. I quickly put the 10 stop filter to one side (carefully, because it’s made of glass!) and ……

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A New Alarm-Call Record For Sunrise

Glyn Tarell from Craig Cerrig-gleisiad

The earliest I have got up for sunrise was 3:30am, but this morning’s sunrise expedition needed an alarm call of 2:45am, setting a new record!!! I had been out to Craig Cerrig-gleisiad with my father on my birthday on Friday to check out some potential panorama spots. The weather had been very hazy and not conducive for landscape photography, but I found a good spot. A quick check on the Photographer’s Ephemeris showed that the ……

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Two New Photos

Things are a bit mad at the moment. I’ve got the Saltash craft fair coming up on the 17th October, I’ve got to restock my outlets, I’ve got to take new photos in time for my December exhibition and I’ve got to redecorate a lot of downstairs so I can move my office and create space for the forthcoming baby. I did manage to get out though and went to Craig Cerrig-gleisiad for sunrise. As ……

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Calling all readers

When I first had my blog back in 2005, I built up a fairly wide range of readers. I eventually found it cumbersome to update the blog frequently and it kind of fell by the wayside. With this new software, it’s so easy and I will be posting very regularly. I really appreciate everyone who reads this and was wondering if you could add a comment so I know you’re there :-) And do tell ……

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Categories and Tags

I’ve now added categories to this blog – see the menu on the right hand side. Try it out! I’ve also added tags to each post which should help Google pick up my site and give it a good search rating.

Here’s a photo from a recent trip into the Brecon Beacons, taken after climbing the hill where I really should have had crampons (which should arrive next week!)

View from Craig Cerrig-gleisiad up the A470 ……

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