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Bracelet Bay and Mumbles Lighthouse

This morning I went out for sunrise for the first time in a while. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, which meant the sunrise had the potential to be fairly mundane. However, I recently bought a new 10 stop ND filter which reduces the amount of light that goes into the lens by 10 stops. It means that an exposure that would normally be 1/60s becomes somewhere around 30 seconds. Here are the results ……

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Caswell Bay

I seem to be among the minority, but I really don’t like Caswell Bay. It embodies everything I dislike about tourism – chip shops, tacky souvenirs and a cafe. (OK, a cafe isn’t so bad!). Then when you walk past the stench of stale chips (yes, it stunk at 5:15am this morning!) and onto the beach, you are overlooked by hotels or chalets. However, it seems a lot of people do like Caswell Bay and ……

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