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This Photo was Taken with Pain

Mewslade Bay, Gower

There are times when you have to suffer a little for your art and Sunday was one such day. We took a family trip to Mewslade Bay and I, of course, took my camera with me. When we got there it was overcast but we could see that the sun would soon be coming out. Sure enough it did and I took a few photos. However, I couldn’t quite get the angle I wanted. The ……

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An Early Start at Langland Bay

Langland Bay

I set the alarm for 4:30am this morning and headed down to Langland Bay for sunrise. It was pretty cloudy and I didn’t hold much hope out, but about 20 mins after sunrise (I didn’t see the sun) the sky lit up and a few minutes. I took several shots trying to get the wave just right, a sort of hit and miss affair.

Langland ……

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The Milky Way at Tears Point on Gower

The Milky Way from Tears Point

Last week I ran a One to One Workshop on Gower at Penmaen Burrows and Three Cliffs Bay. We finished after sunset and just 20 minutes later, Venus was very visible in the bright sky so I knew it was going to be a good night for astrophotography! After the client left to go home, I drove to Rhossili and walked along the cliffs towards Tears Point. The Milky Way is particularly good in the ……

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Nash Point Micro Landscapes

My parents are visiting for a few days and, as seems to be the case all too often, the weather isn’t very nice. We decided to take a trip to Nash Point on the Glamorgan Heritage Coast as I’ve only been there once and my parents haven’t been there at all – and this time, the tide was out. It was immediately obvious that it wasn’t the weather for landscapes:

Nash Point, Glamorgan Heritage Coast

As ……

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Paviland Cave – Almost

When my parents were visiting last week, I took them for a walk to Paviland Cave. Unfortunately, the low tide wasn’t low enough and we couldn’t cross the beach to get to the cave. Here are some photos I took whilst we were waiting…

The valley leading to Paviland Cave

The cliff the other side of the path

Looking back up the valley where Paviland Cave is

The cliff that Paviland Cave is in

The ……

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Godrevy Lighthouse

I spent the first 25 years of my life living in Cornwall, but when you live somewhere you often don’t appreciate or even know what’s around you. Whilst visiting family, I wanted to take a trip into deepest, darkest Cornwall to get some photos of the Cornish coast so I poured over the map in true Famous Five fashion and found a lighthouse on an island. A Google search found some photos, some of which ……

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Pwlldu Bay

After the trip to Mumbles last Tuesday that led me to Oystermouth Castle I then headed to Caswell Bay and walked to Pwlldu Bay along the coast path. I was quite surprised to see other people out and about despite it being before 7am! Although I wasn’t so pleased to see two dogs and the owner who said “They’re just boisterous, they won’t hurt you”. Surely if they’re like that then they should be on ……

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