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Paviland Cave – Almost

When my parents were visiting last week, I took them for a walk to Paviland Cave. Unfortunately, the low tide wasn’t low enough and we couldn’t cross the beach to get to the cave. Here are some photos I took whilst we were waiting…

The valley leading to Paviland Cave

The cliff the other side of the path

Looking back up the valley where Paviland Cave is

The cliff that Paviland Cave is in

The ……

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Paviland Cave on Gower

Paviland Cave is where the remains of the ‘Red Lady of Paviland’ were discovered. ‘She’ was originally thought to be a Roman female, as the bones were dyed with red ochre and accompanied by grave goods. However, it was later discovered that ‘she’ was a stone age male, but the name of Red Lady has stuck. It was thought for many years that the Red Lady was from around 24,000BC, but the bones were recently ……

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A New Three Cliffs Bay View

On Saturday morning, I went out to Three Cliffs Bay for sunrise intending to shoot it from the sea side rather than land. As it turned out, it wasn’t any good so I walked around Pobbles Bay and up onto the cliffs. There wasn’t any cloud and the sunrise wasn’t great so I’ve tried this unusual view as black and white. I’m trying to improve my black and white, so here you go:

Three Cliffs ……

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A New Blog and a New Website!

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Welcome to version 4 of my website! I’ve been wanting to make changes for a while and when I changed service providers this became possible. There are 3 major changes:

Thanks to now having MySQL, I am able to use a third party, open source piece of software ……

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