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Mynydd Illtud at Night

When I first shot some star trails, the interest was negligible. After a year or so, people started to take an interest and my one photo of star trails in the Brecon Beacons started to sell really well. To get the more effective star trails, the moon mustn’t be in the sky so there are less than two weeks out of every four when star trails are possible. Adding in the weather factor makes it ……

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Pen y Fan Massif

With the forecast saying valley mist, I decided to walk to the ridge by Corn Du for sunrise. I started walking from the Storey Arms at 6:30am and arrived on the ridge at 7:30am. Sunrise itself wasn’t anything special, but I stayed on the ridge for 2.5 hours to see how the weather would pan out. During that time, a hundred or so army personnel were walking to Pen y Fan, presumably doing the dreaded ……

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A quick trip to the Brecons

This time of year is always my busiest, with exhibitions and craft fairs, etc. so I don’t often get to go out as much as I’d like. But with snow in the air, I took a morning to go out to the Brecons – mainly to try out my winter tyres in the snow! I will talk more about the winter tyres later in the season, but I was very impressed at the grip and ……

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Usk Reservoir

Day 2 of my car being serviced and repaired at the garage so I borrowed my wife’s car and drove out to the hills west of Usk Reservoir. On my way to the slight hill overlooking the reservoir, a rather old and gnarled fence post caught me eye.

Fence in the Brecons

As a slight aside, it may interest you to know that this is a “Worm’s Eye” image – the tripod legs were splayed out ……

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Bye Bye Backlog

For years, well since 2002, I’ve accumulated a backlog of photos that I hadn’t yet processed. Thanks to being incredibly tired due to two young children, I’ve been hacking my way through this backlog of photos, sometimes from 5:30am each morning and have finally conquered it! I have no photos that I haven’t processed! I have copied the 100Gb onto my backup system now and just need to put them into my Digital Asset Management ……

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