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Brandy Cove Sunrise

Brandy Cove, Gower

It is pouring with rain this morning and I have a rather large backlog of photos I haven’t processed. I was scrolling through and a morning trip to capture Brandy Cove at sunrise caught my eye. In particular, it was this photo that I thought it was worth spending some time on. When I took the photo, I was perched on a rock and waiting for waves to come in so I could capture the ……

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Sunrise at Brandy Cove

Brandy Cove

It has been a long time since I’ve been out for proper photography, but this morning I headed out to Caswell Bay to meet up with Mark who I met on Facebook and Flickr. We’ve met before at my exhibitions but this was the first time out taking photos. Landscape Photography is a lonely business, often working alone, so it’s always nice to meet up with people. From Caswell, we walked the coast path to ……

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Langland Bay, Brandy Cove and Pwlldu Bay

I went out for sunrise this morning to Langland Bay. It was cold! My fingers were frozen even with thermal gloves liners and windproof gloves! There wasn’t enough cloud to give a decent sunrise, but I got a couple I’m happy with.

Langland Bay

Langland Bay Huts

After sunrise, some coffee and a hot cross bun I walked from Caswell Bay to Pwlldu Bay in the glorious sunshine.

Brandy Cove

Pwlldu ……

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