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What’s In The Garden?

In order to get a quick break from the house and surprisingly quiet and sleepy baby, I nipped out into the garden for a while and went to the far end of the wild bit we have – we own the very edge of the forest. I rarely use my Sigma 105mm and extension tubes, but after seeing today’s results I think I ought to use them more often. There was only the gentlest of ……

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St. Illtyd’s Path

Piran is 4 days old today according to Neath Port Talbot hospital and 5 days old according to Pontardawe midwife – some health authorities count the day of birth as 1 day, some don’t…. Anyway, he is healthy and fine and gaining weight as he should and Paula is doing very, very well too.


I don’t want to go away for too long at the moment, but I did manage to leave the house for 5 ……

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Three Cliffs Bay

Since I redesigned my website and applied some Search Engine Optimisation, the number of hits has increased and so has my online sales, which is very good! I had a very nice letter in response to the latest order where the buyer told me how pleased he was with his purchases. It’s always nice when people take time out to tell you they are happier with what you’ve done.


This morning was a very early start ……

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