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Large Panoramas of Gower and Brecon Beacons

I’ve added a new page to this website to showcase my new huge panoramas. Click on the Panoramas tab on the menu to see them in all their glory!

Please note that the website has been updated and simplified since this post so that page is no longer available. Instead, the panoramas are inside the usual ……

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Langland Bay and Caswell Bay

With the weather being mostly pouring rain this week, I headed out on the only good half day that was forecast and was joined by Paula and Piran. We parked at Langland Bay and walked to Caswell Bay, stopping to take photos along the way. We even discovered a new path that took us above Caswell Bay so we could look down on the beach! I’ve always struggled to get a good photo of Caswell ……

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Happy New Year and No VAT

Happy New Year to everyone! Hope you all had a good Christmas break. Everyone in the UK will be aware that the VAT rate went up today. You’ll be pleased to know that as I’m not VAT registered, I don’t charge VAT so my prices won’t be going up :-) I will pay more to various suppliers but I shall absorb those costs myself as they’re pretty minimal. My new 100x40cm panorama framed photos I ……

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