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Caswell Bay in the Early Hours

Caswell Bay with Airglow

After my visit to Three Cliffs Bay, I wasn’t ready to head home yet so I thought about where I could go next. It was around 1am and I was starting to get tired so Caswell Bay was the obvious place as I didn’t have to walk far from the car. I parked the car in the very empty car park and nipped up on to the coast path. I took a few shots and ……

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Astrophotography Workshop

Arthur's Stone, Gower

If you didn’t already know, I run astrophotography workshops and teach people how to take photos like the ones here with their DSLR and normal lenses. Last week I ran one such workshop on Gower with someone who had been on a daylight workshop with me. After a few goes at arranging a date, the skies were finally clear and not only that, the Milky Way was incredibly visible. The first place we stopped was ……

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Winter 2014

So far, this winter has been absolute rubbish! We’ve had almost no frost at all and it has just been continuous rain – as of today, we’ve had 49 continuous days of rain and, in January alone, 38cm of rain! To put this in context, the average rainfall for January in Wales is just 15.7cm! During a brief window, the forecast was for clear skies at low levels with a touch of snow on the ……

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