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Worm’s Head and Rhossili Bay in Heather

It’s the time of year for heather to come out on Rhossili Down again, so last night I met with Emma and we walked up to the top of Rhossili Down. At our first stop, I used my tilt-shift lens to get close to the heather and emphasise it. It was pretty windy though, so the heather had some motion blur but there wasn’t much I could do about it. There was such a contrast ……

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I am recently back from a holiday in Pembrokeshire – the weather was somewhat windy and occasionally rainy, but I managed to get out and about with the camera a fair bit and took 1114 photos! During the holiday my 24-105L lens that I use all the time stopped working so is being dispatched off to the Canon Service Centre today. I’ve processed a couple of photos from the trip but haven’t got much time ……

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Langland Bay

I recently discovered that there is a higher viewpoint of Langland Bay than I normally use when shooting sunrise there so I nipped out this morning to have a go.

Langland Bay, Gower

Before I went back home, I went down to the water’s edge and took a photo with my 10 stop ND filter to see how it looked with a 6 minute exposure.

Langland Bay with 10 stop ND ……

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Godrevy Lighthouse

I spent the first 25 years of my life living in Cornwall, but when you live somewhere you often don’t appreciate or even know what’s around you. Whilst visiting family, I wanted to take a trip into deepest, darkest Cornwall to get some photos of the Cornish coast so I poured over the map in true Famous Five fashion and found a lighthouse on an island. A Google search found some photos, some of which ……

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Mumbles Pier and Lighthouse

Last Tuesday morning, I set the alarm for 4am. That’s the trouble with summer – the sun rises so early! 5:09am so the BBC Weather site told me. Add in time to get dressed and have something quick to eat, then drive there, walk to the location, set up and finally be ready to take the photo. I was only standing around for about 10 minutes before the sun rose. And sometimes the sky before ……

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Rhossili Bay

I managed a quick trip out last night, possibly my last for a while as Paula is due to go into labour today – and it’s nothing to do with politics… I nipped out to Rhossili Bay as the tide forecast was OK as was the weather forecast. It was pretty windy though. When I went to photograph the Helvetia Wreck last time at sunset, another photographer had the spot but this time it was ……

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Bracelet Bay and Mumbles Lighthouse

This morning I went out for sunrise for the first time in a while. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, which meant the sunrise had the potential to be fairly mundane. However, I recently bought a new 10 stop ND filter which reduces the amount of light that goes into the lens by 10 stops. It means that an exposure that would normally be 1/60s becomes somewhere around 30 seconds. Here are the results ……

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