Caswell Bay in the Early Hours

After my visit to Three Cliffs Bay, I wasn’t ready to head home yet so I thought about where I could go next. It was around 1am and I was starting to get tired so Caswell Bay was the obvious place as I didn’t have to walk far from the car. I parked the car in the very empty car park and nipped up on to the coast path. I took a few shots and then decided I would take a “selfie”. I set the camera on self-timer and ran into the shot and waiting, not breathing so I could stay as still as possible.

Caswell Bay with Airglow

Caswell Bay with Airglow

The “airglow” was still very evident in the sky, although you can only see it once you have taken the photo. As I was taking this photo, a car turned up in the car park. This made me a bit uneasy as what would another person be doing there at this time? They soon left though, which I was happy about. I went back to the car, drove home and climbed into bed at 2am.

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