Drunk on Sunlight

I hadn’t really checked the weather forecast but knew it would be cloudy around sunset so didn’t really expect to see anything when we went to Rhossili yesterday. When I got to the car park, the sun was behind the edge of a very large cloud bank. I walked as quickly as I could down to the cliffs and managed to see the rays of the sun peaking out from behind the clouds and was really pleased with what I saw. When the sun had set, we turned around and walked back.

Then without warning the sky caught on fire and it all lit up red. Normally at sunset, the colour is around where the sun set but yesterday the whole sky lit up in every direction! I rushed to another part of the cliff to photograph Rhossili Bay. The sky was so big that I used my 14mm lens and still couldn’t get it all in!

The Most Amazing Sunset Ever at Rhossili, Gower

The Most Amazing Sunset Ever at Rhossili, Gower

With that shot in the bag, I turned around and saw the sky was even better! I ran up the hill across the cliffs. I was so in the moment that I actually felt drunk – I was literally on a high. I took a few photos of Worms Head, but that is for another post. After what must have been 45 minutes, the colour in the sky began to fade so we decided to celebrate by stopping off at the pub for a well earned pint and to let our fingers defrost. It was an incredible evening and I was left wanting to do the same the next night, but in true Welsh weather fashion it was raining…


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