Astrophotography Workshop

If you didn’t already know, I run astrophotography workshops and teach people how to take photos like the ones here with their DSLR and normal lenses. Last week I ran one such workshop on Gower with someone who had been on a daylight workshop with me. After a few goes at arranging a date, the skies were finally clear and not only that, the Milky Way was incredibly visible. The first place we stopped was Arthur’s Stone on Cefn Bryn. We walked to the stone in the dark and we set up the cameras. Within minutes, my client was producing photos like this!

Arthur's Stone, Gower

Arthur’s Stone, Gower

After a while spent at the stone trying different angles and techniques, we walked back to the car and drove onto Broad Pool. Again, we set the cameras up and took photos of the Milky Way with the water. Cars passing by proved to be problematic but we eventually got a few shots without car headlights. This is the photo I took at this spot:

Broad Pool, Gower

Broad Pool, Gower

We then drove back to his car and spent a while on processing his photos in Lightroom. People who attend the astrophotography workshop with me get permanent access to a series of walkthrough videos that show how to process the astrophotography photos in Lightroom and Photoshop. The workshops start between sunset and the start of complete darkness and go on for as long as you want – I’m happy to stay out until the early hours!

After the client left for a long drive home, I headed down to Oxwich but the wind had picked up so after a face full of sand I went back home instead – sand and camera equipment isn’t a good combination!

For more information, see my workshop page. Once booked, we arrange a date and if the weather isn’t any good then we rearrange to the next available date. Due to the unpredictability of the weather, the workshops do not have an expiry date.

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