The Milky Way at Tears Point on Gower

Last week I ran a One to One Workshop on Gower at Penmaen Burrows and Three Cliffs Bay. We finished after sunset and just 20 minutes later, Venus was very visible in the bright sky so I knew it was going to be a good night for astrophotography! After the client left to go home, I drove to Rhossili and walked along the cliffs towards Tears Point. The Milky Way is particularly good in the summer so I needed to look due south. I stopped on the way to photograph Worms Head in the twilight, but that photo is for another blog post. When I got to Tears Point, it was very dark so I used my head torch on full brightness to clamber down over the limestone rocks to get in position looking down to the sea. I set up the camera and took a series of photos, each one looking higher in the sky that the other. At home, I stitched the photos to create a vertical panorama.

The Milky Way from Tears Point

The Milky Way from Tears Point

I must admit, I am really pleased with this photo and can’t wait to try more like it. Being on the coast certainly adds an extra dimension to the night photos. I’ve also never seen the stars so bright – the atmosphere was incredibly clear! It wasn’t perfect because there was some cloud, but I’m still pleased!

As usual, I spent some time with Stellarium to identify the constellations. The photo covers so much sky that I have captured the zenith – the point directly above me!

The Milky Way from Tears Point

The Milky Way from Tears Point


  1. Alan says

    An amazing image … the mapping of the constellations is a really good marketing idea which only adds to the appeal of having one of these images hung on a wall.

    I really like the unusualness of these star images, they are so well presented.

  2. Steve says

    I use Stellarium almost daily, even if we are covered in cloud. I have learnt quite a lot from it.

    One amazing image though !!

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