A New Alarm-Call Record For Sunrise

The earliest I have got up for sunrise was 3:30am, but this morning’s sunrise expedition needed an alarm call of 2:45am, setting a new record!!! I had been out to Craig Cerrig-gleisiad with my father on my birthday on Friday to check out some potential panorama spots. The weather had been very hazy and not conducive for landscape photography, but I found a good spot. A quick check on the Photographer’s Ephemeris showed that the sun would rise in just the right place too! My next free morning was this morning, so I got up at 2:45am, parked the car at 3:45am and was on top of Craig Cerrig-gleisiad by 4:30am! Even though it was summer, I was wearing two base layers, two microfleeces and two coats plus woolly hat and gloves.

The sun was due to rise at 4:58am, but a large cloud bank delayed it by around thirty minutes. I was taking a few photos of the mist in the valley when suddenly the sun appeared at the top of the cloud bank. I had set up my tripod ready for the panorama a few minutes before so was able to quickly shoot the panorama.

Fan Frynych, Glyn Tarell, Pen y Fan and Corn Du from Craig Cerrig-gleisiad

Fan Frynych, Glyn Tarell, Pen y Fan and Corn Du from Craig Cerrig-gleisiad

With the photo in the bag, I walked around the cliffs to check out some other views. By now the sun had disappeared behind some more clouds, but was lighting up the valley in the distance. I set up the camera and zoomed into the scene.

Glyn Tarell from Craig Cerrig-gleisiad

Glyn Tarell from Craig Cerrig-gleisiad

As I worked my way along the cliffs, I tried various compositions. I then climbed over the fence (it’s Open Access land) for another panorama. By now, the midges were rampant so I was forced to plaster DEET on myself. I waited for the light to get better and shot the panorama before heading down the hill. I arrived back at the car at 7:15am!

Craig Cerrig-gleisiad is a very difficult place to photograph and, despite several attempts over several years, I have never come away with a photo that I’m happy with. That has all changed now as I really like the panorama and will be printing it out large to display at Brecon.

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  1. 'Er says

    Beautiful views – worth the incredibly early start! If you keep breaking your record, you’ll be setting the alarm for bedtime ;-)

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