My First Visit to Fan Nedd

It has been a very busy time recently with continuing sorting out my Uncle’s estate, an exhibition, fulfilling orders from my website and my sister’s wedding in France. It means that I haven’t been able to get out since April to take any new photos, but this week I have finally been out – not once, but twice with a possible third time this evening! I have never been to Fan Nedd before, so decided it was time to rectify that. I ended up picking the worst possible route there and the lane I had to drive was so narrow that my car barely fitted along it, plus there weren’t any passing places for miles! Thankfully, I didn’t meet anything coming the other way. At one point, the road went between farm buildings – from between these farm buildings came three very large dogs who were intent on getting themselves run over. They ran at the car, alongside the car and even in front of the car! One could argue that the farmer should be more responsible…

I arrived at the car park and walked up to the summit. Considering I haven’t gone walking for quite a while, I found it fairly easy to walk up! At the top, the view was great but I was disappointed with the light. It was hazy and not particularly nice for landscape photography – I was going to go away empty handed, but at least it was a recce visit. I set up the camera to do a test panorama so I would know whether it would work when I came back in better lighting. I shot the sequence once before moving on to see what else I could see.

The View from Fan Nedd with Corn Du and Pen y Fan in the distance

The View from Fan Nedd with Corn Du and Pen y Fan in the distance

A while later, I left the summit before the sun had set because it really wasn’t that great. On the way, I did my good deed of picking up other people’s rubbish to take back home. I felt that I hadn’t really come away with any great photos but I was pleasantly surprised when I stitched the panorama the next day – and who knows, I might even be happy with it!

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