Sunrise at Brandy Cove

It has been a long time since I’ve been out for proper photography, but this morning I headed out to Caswell Bay to meet up with Mark who I met on Facebook and Flickr. We’ve met before at my exhibitions but this was the first time out taking photos. Landscape Photography is a lonely business, often working alone, so it’s always nice to meet up with people. From Caswell, we walked the coast path to Brandy Cove where we worked with the rising tide and a rather nice sky. I managed to forget all my filters so had to take three photos to cope with the contrast level in this photo:

Brandy Cove, Gower, Wales

Brandy Cove, Gower, Wales

Once the sun had risen, we walked onto Pwlldu Bay but those photos are for another day as I haven’t had a chance to process them yet! After a break in photography, it always takes me a while to get my eye in so I’m quite pleased with this one.

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