Nadolig Llawen and a Happy New Year

This will, most probably, be my last blog post of 2011 so it’s time to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! This year has been very successful for me and I’ve managed to expand my photography business despite the gloomy economic outlook, although if the news articles are anything to go by, 2012 will be even worse… I have a lot planned for 2012, filling the first three months with a lot of new photography before my craft fairs and exhibitions start again for the year. Perhaps the biggest news is that I shall be starting photography tutoring, starting off with small groups and one-to-ones – this is something I’ve been asked about several times which has caused me to think seriously about it. To start with I shall be running a trial or two and see how I go from there, so look out for an announcement in the first couple of months next year – the first one or two will be run free to help me get a feel for it and also to get valuable feedback before deciding to proceed with it.


Here is a photo I took a long time ago in the Brecons – I parked at Blaen-y-glyn and whilst putting my boots on, this robin came to say hello. I had real trouble trying to photograph it as it kept coming too close, even flying in and out of the car! It is my most seasonal photo to date!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


  1. 'Er says

    I still love the robin photo, but hey – what’s with the Welsh first, oh ye of Cornish birth? Nadelik Lowen to you! Seriously, I wish you all the very best with the tutoring, it should be fun :-)

  2. Janet Jones says

    Hello Dan….Nadolig Llawen to you and all the family. We have had a pretty good year at Pineneedles too….keeping us busy even without the shop. May see you around a few fairs next year…I’m thinking of doing a few.
    Love the robin photo…you should turn it into a card to sell….I buy all my cards from the Gower Bird Hospital that is just opposite our house and they make new ones every year and it’s always the robin ones that sell best!
    Well….must go….we still have orders to sort out!
    Best wishes
    Jan x

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