Tommy Jones Memorial

On Saturday evening, I decided to head out to the Pen y Fan massif for sunset. I was expecting crowds of people as it is the school holidays and a weekend, but was pleasantly surprised and only passed three groups of people – sadly two of them were inappropriately dressed for the mountains… I headed to the summit of Corn Du (purely for the exercise – and the view!) before going back down to the Tommy Jones memorial which is where I planned to go for my sunset shoot – I wanted to get a Panorama Collection photo that showed the peaks and also the memorial to Tommy Jones (more on that at the end). The light was amazing and instead of the usual waiting around, I ran out of sunlight before I had really finished (that’ll teach me not to do so much social networking whilst on location!) Here is the first panorama that I have processed – the writing is actually readable in the original photo!

Tommy Jones Memorial with Corn Du and Pen y Fan

Tommy Jones Memorial with Corn Du and Pen y Fan


Thanks to the (slightly inaccurate) GPS in my phone, here is the route that I took:


And finally, here is what the memorial is all about:
“This obelisk marks the spot where the body of Tommy Jones aged 5 was found. He lost his way between Cwm Llwch Farm and the Login on the night of August 4th, 1900. After an anxious search of 29 days his remains were discovered Sept.”


  1. Alan says

    Def. worth the outing … the light looks to be just amazing … also an excellent composition and image. One I wish I had taken for sure.

  2. Christine stoddart says

    Hello .I also took a walk up to see Tommy’s memorial stone two years ago and also with my father when I was ten years old.Tommy was my grandfathers brother . Tommy had another brother called Sydney but saddly he died aged 17yrs.He got killed by a train.They had a sister who died of six months old .They’re mother died of a young age beleived to have been through a broken heart.The family lived at 9 James Street in Maredy Rhondda.The family are all buried in Maredy cemetery.My mother still has the photos of that fateful day which was so tragic.

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