The Shot I’ve Been After!

With the forecast of imminent snow, I decided to have another go at the sunset shot I wanted of the Pen y Fan Massif – I didn’t want a winter scene with snow… With -4 degrees C forecast at 800m, I knew it was going to be cold. On the way I had to go through a few streams – the backs of my trousers froze solid by the time I got back to the car! Thank goodness for thermals… It was so windy where I wanted to shoot from that I had to hold down the tripod whilst attempting to shield the camera from the wind with my body – not a pleasant task in a severe wind chill… But I am very happy with the photo and it’s inspired me to try a new framed photo size of 100x40cm, especially for panoramas like this one. It’s not available yet but will be shortly.

The Pen y Fan Massif (Corn Du, Pen y Fan, Cribyn and Fan y Big)

The Pen y Fan Massif (Corn Du, Pen y Fan, Cribyn and Fan y Big)

On the way to this location I found a good place to shoot Sugar Loaf from afar, but I think it need to be lit up too…

Sugar Loaf

Sugar Loaf


  1. 'Er says

    Excellent, I like the all the detail – it looks so lovely up there, nobody would know what you endured just from looking at the photos!

  2. 'Im says

    I love the lighting of The Pen y Fan Massif … very dramatic. Also the composition of the ranges of hills running away behind each other. I don’t think other people appreciate what it takes to get images like these.

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