Gower 2011 Summer Exhibition

The last 5 days have been very busy as it has been my annual Gower photo exhibition in Mumbles. I was joined by local photographer Emma Jones who also displayed some of her work. Over the 5 days I have met a lot of very nice people, chatted about a variety of topics, learnt a bit more about my star trail photos from an expert and sold a lot of photos! It has been my most successful exhibition so far and I will be booking next year’s dates later this week. In the meantime, I have my Christmas Exhibition coming up on the 10th and 11th of December (more details later) and am pleased to announce that I will be joined by Emma once again. As always, I left a comments book for people to write in if they feel inspired to – here is a small selection of the comments:


  • “Some of my favourite places captured perfectly”
  • “Lovely pictures egspesaly (sic) the big Three Cliffs one”
  • “Very impressed. One of the best local exhibitions I have seen”
  • “Breathtaking talent, Dan and Emma. Awesome exhibition”
  • “Inspirational and evocative photos”
  • “Excellent exhibition – well done and most enjoyable”


I included the misspelt comment because it’s interesting how many children want to write a comment – I think the girl that wrote that was about 7 years old!


Whilst at the exhibition I tried something I’ve wanted to try for a while:

2011 Gower Photographic Exhibition

2011 Gower Photographic Exhibition


  1. 'Er says

    It’s like a nightmare in which I gave birth to identical sextuplets!!! Excellent exhibition by the sound of it, well done :-)

  2. 'Im says

    Certainly worth the try … an interesting image. By the way, well done with the exhibition … hope the Christmas one is as sucessful.

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