Worms Head on Gower

I’ve just had the preliminary flick through this month’s copy of Outdoor Photography and saw that they’ve featured my website in theie On the Web section, and a very good write up it is so thank you Outdoor Photography :-) This made me think that I ought to update my blog as I haven’t posted for a few days. It’s currently August, and I don’t much like August and don’t really go out and take new photos. Locations are packed with people, traffic can be a pain and kids are running around – I prefer to be on my own, or at least one of a couple of people, on location. And I also have my exhibition coming up later this month which I have to prepare for and print, mount and frame photos. Here’s a sneak preview of a photo that will be in the exhibition (26th-30th August, Ostreme Centre Minor Hall in Mumbles, Swansea). I took it in May 2005 but was never happy with the result. Given 5 years more experience in processing photos, improved software and some new Digital Asset Management software (I’d forgotten about the photo) I have reprocessed it. Some surfers were a little concerned when I took this photo as it appeared I was peaking through the grass at them!

Worms Head, Rhossili Bay, Gower

Worms Head, Rhossili Bay, Gower


  1. LadyBizBiz says

    I like it very much indeed, obvious reasons Dan.

    Have you ever shot it from the other side – Fall Bay side?

    Agree about the month … not my favourite either, for similar reasons. Overcrowded places, roads especially dangerous due to drivers who aren’t happy to slow down for bends and narrow sections of lanes!!!!

    Rant over!

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