When Customer Service Just Isn’t

I wouldn’t normally post a blog entry like this, but it’s rather comical. A lot of people will be aware of 7 Day Shop, a retailer with very good prices and like many others, I’ve ordered a lot from them in the past. On Sunday, I needed some photo paper as I’d run out and it was touch and go if I would have enough for my exhibition this weekend, so I decided to pay the extra £4.95 to jump the queue and get it dispatched as quickly as possible. Here’s a screen shot taken today of my order list with the paper order circled in red:

7 Day Shop order list

And copy and pasted from their terms and conditions on their website:
“Orders placed after this time will be treated as an order placed the following day.
Orders placed on weekends may take until Tuesday to be dispatched.”

Being Wednesday, I decided to contact them about this. Below is the exact transcript of our conversation:



Your post – 07/07/2010 – 06:15
I paid £4.95 to jump the queue for order xxxxx1 but it hasn’t been dispatched yet. A day later I ordered xxxxxx2 that I didn’t pay to jump the queue and this has been dispatched. Paying the £4.95 obviously hasn’t worked in this case so I would be grateful if you refunded the £4.95 please.
Many Thanks
Dan Santillo



7dayshop reply – 07/07/2010 – 10:12
Our rapid dispatch service does not ensure next day delivery. Your order jumps the warehouse queue. Once dispatched, the items are delivered by Royal Mail 1st Class, and fall under their normal service times of 3-5 working days.



Your post – 07/07/2010 – 10:21
I appreciate that, but my order HASN’T jumped the queue.
Sunday 4th July: Order xxxxx1 placed with £4.95 paid – not yet dispatched.
Monday 5th July: Order xxxxx2 placed with £0 paid – dispatched.
Therefore, the order I placed on Sunday HASN’T jumped the queue so I would like the £4.95 I paid refunded please. Many Thanks.



7dayshop reply – 07/07/2010 – 10:28
Please understand the details in ther terms and conditions stated in the message below regarding weedend ordering:
• Average Dispatch Times: Same or next working day
• Average Delivery Times from dispatch: 3-5 working days
Please note: Our rapid dispatch service covers orders placed before 10:30am.

Orders placed after this time will be treated as an order placed the following day.
Orders placed on weekends may take until Tuesday to be dispatched.

This service does NOT mean your order will be received within 24/48 hours, it simply means your order will be given priority treatment.



Your post – 07/07/2010 – 11:04
Please READ what I’ve typed and you’ll see that I haven’t once mentioned about receiving it within 28/48 hours. I’m talking about DISPATCH not DELIVERY.



7dayshop reply – 07/07/2010 – 11:09
yes I have explained this, you said you placed the order on Sunday, we state that it may take till Tuesday to dispatch the order as I have stated on many occasions now.

As stated :
Orders placed on weekends may take until Tuesday to be dispatched.



Your post – 07/07/2010 – 12:09
Please note that today is Wednesday! So, I stand by my original request to have the £4.95 refunded as it blatantly hasn’t jumped the queue. Thank you.



7dayshop reply – 07/07/2010 – 13:56
Sorry no refund is due according to the terms and condtions on the wesbite.



Your post – 07/07/2010 – 14:38
And what are the terms and conditions according to the website?

“Orders placed on weekends may take until Tuesday to be dispatched.”? It’s Wednesday and I’ve paid for a service I haven’t had.

Need I mention Trading Standards, Distant Selling Regulations and the Sales of Goods Act?

Please cancel that order (xxxxx1) immediately and refund ALL the money due me including the £4.95. Something which you HAVE to do under the Distant Selling Regulations.



7dayshop reply – 07/07/2010 – 14:41
This cannot be cancelled as it was dispatched on 7/7/10 at the earliest dispatch time from when your order was placed. Regards




So it was dispatched today (Wednesday) then? Surely that isn’t under their Terms and Conditions which says Tuesday. At the end of the day, it’s only £4.95 but it’s the principle. In my opinion they’ve acted wrongly by charging for a service they haven’t provided. They also seemed to have employed staff who can’t read English and don’t know what day of the week it is. I’m sure Trading Standards will be interested, but first I need to put my complaint in writing. I would think that the above online conversation would be in writing, but it would be nice for someone other than the person I’ve been speaking with. Letter to Guernsey next…




EDIT: Further conversation added on 8th July 2010.



Your post – 07/07/2010 – 14:48
So why is it listed as ‘processed’ and not ‘dispatched’ in my list of orders? I would send a screen shot, but can’t attach an image.



Your post – 07/07/2010 – 16:42
By your own admission, “Orders placed on weekends may take until Tuesday to be dispatched.” and “it was dispatched on 7/7/10”? It’s Wednesday (7/7/10) today so I’ve paid for a service I haven’t had. Trading Standards state that it’s illegal to sell a service that isn’t provided – they will be notified.

All you had to do was read what I typed and act honestly and admit that the order wasn’t dispatched when it should have been and we could both have saved a lot of time. This is some of the worst customer service I have experienced. Very disappointed.



7dayshop reply – 08/07/2010 – 08:11
My sincere apologies, Tuesday was the last day that your order should have been dispatched , We have now refunded the postage cost for you. Apologies again for my error.





Yay, success! But I really shouldn’t have had to go through all that. Most companies I deal with are very good and some go beyond what I would normally expect to provide customer service but I shall be wary of 7DayShop in the future.


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  2. Adrian Oakes says

    Hi Dan. I have used them since 2003. They are ok until something goes wrong then they are about as much use as tits on bull. I always go for free delivery as the system is chaotic and takes 3 t0 14 days to arrive depending on which womble is working in dispatch. The general quality of product vs price is good.

  3. Matt Botwood says

    The trouble is that we tolerate this sort of service (or lack of) just because they are the cheapest….but if products can be found cheaper elsewhere then they will loose out. The price of their ink cartidges have increased recently and I’ve been looking at other suppliers. As soon as I can get a price match I’ll be ordering elsewhere :-)

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