Happy Birthday Piran!

Our second child, Piran, was born today at 16:35 weighing 7lbs and 12oz. We’d only been at the hospital for 2.5 hours before he shot out – quite literally! Paula was in the birthing pool – we hadn’t booked it, it was offered (pretty good for the NHS!) and her waters broke and minutes later the baby was in the pool! The midwife asked Paula to pick him up, but she didn’t hear due to being high on entonox so the midwife dived in without gloves on and picked him out. He was blue and not breathing (but with strong heart beat) so was resuscitated briefly and then taken away and warmed up for a couple of minutes before being bought back in. He is fine and healthy and fast asleep when I left after having a big feed. Mother and baby should be coming home tomorrow.

Piran Santillo

Piran Santillo

Maternal Grandmother with Big Sister giving her approval!

Maternal Grandmother with Big Sister giving her approval!


  1. Sade says

    Congratulations to you both!! Willow will do great as his big sister, he does look so peaceful and gorgeous! And Piran share his birthday with my daughter Grace! A good time to have a birthday!

  2. LadyBizBiz says

    You are a very lucky Mom and Dad! What a gift, two beautiful cherubs to cherish and nurture.

    Well done Mom and pat on the back for Dad!

    Thanks for sending me the link Dan, I’m so in love with babies!

  3. Colin Melhuish says

    Hey, congratulations Dan!
    I’m a bit out of touch, didn’t know you had another on the way :-)

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