New Photo Database and Search

I’ve been doing a lot of work behind the scenes on my website. The biggest change is the addition of a search, seen on the right of the menu bar. This will search my photo database that I’ve created. I’ve also modified the way you can buy images so now the gallery is linked to buy rather than you having to then search for the image in the buy page. As I add more photos to the database, the old gallery will be migrated over to the new gallery. The Gower section of the gallery has been completely migrated over, so do take a look: Gower Gallery. If you then click on the buy link, you’ll see all the formats that photo can be bought in. In the near future, I will change the top level buy page so you can do searches such as “show me all Gower photos available as a coaster”. Hopefully this’ll make it much easier for photos to be bought. Meanwhile, back to adding Brecons photos to the database…

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