What Works

I was asked a while ago to write a blog entry about what has worked and what hasn’t worked as a Freelance Photographer. It sounds easy, but actually sitting down and typing it becomes apparent that it isn’t so easy after all. I think the best way is to write it as a series of bullet points:


  • Craft Fairs can be very successful, although not always.
  • Approaching local shops to sell your photos can be very good – I have an excellent relationship with one shop owner who has put a lot of work my way.
  • Online selling works well, especially now I’ve redesigned my site and worked on search engine optimisation – I’m now top of Google for a very relevant keyword search, which I’m very happy about!
  • Stock Libraries have been a mixed success. The specialist libraries have done well, but Alamy just isn’t doing that great for me.
  • I’ve had one commission that I worked on for a book and that lead to them purchasing rights for the front cover in addition.
  • My own book, whilst receiving excellent comments, is too pricey for most people to buy. I shall be working on resolving this sometime this year.
  • Magazine work can pay very well, especially if working on a national magazine.


I think one of the more important things to do it have a well presented website, and keeping it updated. Without it, many of my sales and leads wouldn’t have happened. I’m lucky because I used to be a software engineer so writing a website is fairly easy. The other very important thing is marketing, something I’m not so hot on. I’m not comfortable walking into shops and asking about them selling my stuff, but I can do it as I proved yesterday (more details later).


That’s all I can think of for the moment!

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