A Bit of a Face Lift

You may have noticed a slight change if you’ve visited my site before. The biggest change is the home page where there is a slide show of large photos. I’m hoping this helps to sell my work even more than my website is currently as it shows off the photo quality far better than the small photos that were there before. There are also a few other small changes such as the menu at the top of the screen and the screen is slightly wider too. I hope you like the change, any comments gratefully received, as always.


Speaking of comments, the sad people of the world have discovered my website has a WordPress blog and I’m getting quite a bit of spam posted as comments now, so your comments won’t appear until I’ve OK’d them. Sorry about that, but there’s not a lot else I can do.

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  1. 'Er says

    I like your face lift – I like slide shows, panoramas and information tags. I can’t help wishing there was more Cornish content (it’s all Celtic, after all!) Also, fairly frequent changes help to keep people interested :-) Well done!

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