More Black and White

I’m still trying to think in black and white and wanted a second portrait photo to complement the Three Cliffs Bay, and wanted one of Worms Head. I looked through my old photos to see what I had and found one with some nice texture in the sand which meant it could be promising for black and white. After several adjustment layers in Photoshop, here’s what I came up with. I must say that printed on my new Epson R2880, the black and white looks stunning – come and see at the Brecon Craft Fair on Saturday 20th June…

Worms Head (Canon 5D)

Worms Head (Canon 5D)

I’ve included the colour version so you can see the difference – as a colour image it wasn’t that great, but I think the black and white version is an improvement.

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  1. 'Er says

    Yes, it’s surprising how different they look. I still remain a colour fan, but I do understand what you’re saying :-)

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