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Things may be a little quiet of the new photo front as I need to put a lot of work in on getting stock ready for the Brecon Craft Fair next month. I almost always end up rushing and am determined not to this time. I’ve got 60 photos to mount if all goes well, plus the usual coasters, etc. to make up if I haven’t got enough stock left. Plus it’s raining at the moment, so definitely no new photos today…


In the meantime, I will trickle photos from the Lake District to keep the blog updated. The photo below was taken on the last day – we lost the path in the mist and used the drop off one side as a hand-rail, crossed a stream and took a compass bearing from that and ended up on the path! Then the mist suddenly cleared and we saw the sight below. Someone told us we were on Harrison Stickle, and we stupidly took their word for it, relieved to stop concentrating so hard on the navigation. We then descended down to the valley, but on a different path to planned so had a shorter walk. It was good nonetheless though.

Pike of Stickle, Langdale Pikes (Canon EOD 5D Mark II)

Pike of Stickle, Langdale Pikes (Canon EOD 5D Mark II)

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  1. 'Er says

    What an unusual photo – I love the name, Pike of Stickle. You can imagine you’ll walk along that path and go hurtling into a chasm!

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