Focus on Imaging 2009

Yesterday I drove to the NEC in Birmingham for the Focus on Imaging show, all about cameras and associated things like printing, etc. I had a very nice demonstration by Longridge mount cutting people (FrameCo who I currently use have pulled out of the UK) and I am looking to perhaps buy one of their cutters as it will reduce my mount cutting time by 75% at least! I have a lot of mount cutting coming up for the Brecon craft fair so if I do go for it, it’ll be good. Even if I don’t, I can recommend you check them out if you are in the market for a mount cutter as it’s extremely easy to use. I also had a meeting with a magazine editor that I had prearranged to see how I could help supply him with material. It was very positive and hopefully in the months to come I shall be writing about my new features being published!


Here’s a photo from a recent trip out, taken from Corn Du looking towards the Carmarthen Fan.

View from Corn Du

View from Corn Du (Canon EOS 5D)


  1. Nicole Hyatt says

    Hi Dan, The pictures in the snow are fantastic, I particularly like the View from Corn Du, almost looks like a painting.

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