A Story of Working on Snowy Gower

A few weeks ago snow was forecast, so I got up at 5am, cleared 4 inches of snow from the car and left the house at 5:45am. My plan was to reach the other side of Swansea before rush hour kicked off and everyone panicked about the snow. I only slid once – down a steep hill on ice, but managed to slow to 5mph before coming out of the juction without being able to stop (I just shoved it into 2nd and then 1st gear so the engine slowed the car). The rest of the journey in the snow was fine, apart from the idiot in the Renault who drove up very fast behind me and then swerved to over take – and the Royal Mail lorry who got very close (one of the main reasons the country grinds to a halt in the snow is very few people know how to drive in snow – I saw one car in the hedge that shouldn’t have slid in the first place!). I got to Pennard in good time and realised I’d left my tripod at home. Annoyed with myself, I set out into the pitch black across Pennard golf course to Pennard Castle where I balanced the camera on my bag to take the following photo.

Pennard Castle

Pennard Castle (Canon EOS 5D)

I then walked to overlook Three Cliffs Bay, but it was so windy that without my tripod I couldn’t get a decent photo. I decided to wait for sunrise, but then it started to snow heavily. I sat in the dunes and got snowed on, then walked down to the beach and still got snowed on. The photo below was taken in a brief respite when it just snowed hard before switching back to heavy.

Three Cliffs Bay in the snow

Three Cliffs Bay in the snow (Canon EOS 5D)

Eventually, I gave up and went back to the car for a cup of coffee. Finally, the snow stopped and I walked all the way back to my viewpoint only to find the tide had covered the snow on the beach and it was very windy, which made it difficult to take photos. I took several, the one below being the best. The horizon may not look straight, but that’s the cloud creating that effect.

Three Cliffs Bay

Three Cliffs Bay (Canon EOS 5D)

In an effort to get a decent photo, I drove in the snow to Rhossili and Worm’s Head. It wasn’t snowing, which was good, so I walked down the path. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any snow on Worm’s Head. Suddenly, the sun came out, lit up Rhossili Bay very nicely and I was finally able to get a photo that I’m very happy with before going home.

Rhossili Bay

Rhossili Bay (Canon EOS 5D)

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  1. 'Er says

    I like the Pennard Castle one the best – very stark and then you suddenly notice the pink of the rising sun :-) PS – You’re quite mad!

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