A New Blog and a New Website!

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Welcome to version 4 of my website! I’ve been wanting to make changes for a while and when I changed service providers this became possible. There are 3 major changes:

  1. Thanks to now having MySQL, I am able to use a third party, open source piece of software called Word Press, which is what you are looking at now. It means I am able to update my blog from any PC easily without having to edit XML files, which I had to previously, so I shall add to it more frequently.
  2. The Gallery has been simplified (Portfolio and Catalogue are gone). It is easier for me to add photos and I am currently in the process of going through my entire library and adding suitable photos.
  3. The buying section has gone too. This is being replaced with a simpler system, but is currently out of action.

Enough technical stuff! The weather has been the main focus of my activity recently with the snow and ice. I’ve spent a lot of time waiting in the car for it to stop snowing and a lot of time being snowed on. Here’s a photo from Rhossili, taken last week.

Sheep at Rhossili

Sheep at Rhossili (Canon EOS 5D)

Please let me know what you think of the new site! Just click on the comments link below.


  1. 'Er says

    I like your new site, it seems to work very well :-) I really like these sheep, too, grazing under the Welsh snow-laden sky!

  2. Alan says

    I like the way it all works now … although for some reason I managed to get a white page with a photo up on the top left hand side … but when I re-tried it it all worked perfectly? Not sure why this happened

    I like the flow of how it all works … very nice!


  3. 'Im says

    I really like the new site … has a really good feel to it. Works well and quick … always good thing! I am hoping mine works as well when I’ve finally got it sorted.

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